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5 Golden Rules of Speaking to Promote Your Business, Without Turning Off Your Audience – Rule #4 – Have the Introducer Do the Commercial for You

In Presentation Tips on June 1, 2011 at 4:18 pm

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Not a Natural Born Sales Person? Try Rule # 4.

It’s a clique, right?  The entrepreneur who talks about getting his start even as a child selling lemonade or cutting lawns.


Yeah, that wasn’t me.  I’m not a natural born sales person.  I don’t come from a long line of sales people.  None of my people are sales people.  I didn’t marry a sales person.  None of my children grew up to be sales people.  Sales is not a language spoken at my dinner table.


So the last thing I want to do is “sell” people on purchasing products or services from me – even though people tell me that I need to in order to grow my business.


So what to do when you don’t want to sell from the stage?  Follow the next rule.



Rule #4 –  Have the Introducer Do the Commercial for You




If you’re speaking in front of a group, chances are there will be somebody designated to introduce you.  If the meeting organizer doesn’t provide an introducer, ask for one or find one yourself.  Provide the introducer a strong introduction which establishes why they want to listen to the presentation and why they should listen to you.   Don’t make the introduction too long.  As a rule, I use one page, double-spaced with 16-point font and with a new thought on each line.  That way I know the introduction won’t go on too long, it will be easy for the introducer to read, and they’re establishing the credibility for me.


Then at the end, ask the person who introduced you to say a few words, promote any product or website you want to drive people to.  If you’ve provided value throughout your presentation, it will be easy for the introducer to promote further contact with you.  And it will sound much more sincere than “selling” coming from you.


Your Turn

What do you think?   Does the approach of having the introducer do the commercial for you work for you?  Do you have another technique that you use that is more successful?  Share in the comments below.

  1. Bravo, Kelly!

    Choose Happiness & Success!

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